Auto Glass FAQs

How important is Auto Glass in the event of an accident?

Plenty… the windshield is an important part of the structural integrity of your vehicle. In a rollover accident, the windshield provides strength, by helping to keep the roof from caving in on passengers.  In some models the windshield is 50% of the vehicles rollover strength.  Also when an airbag is deployed it hits the windshield using it as a back board to then cushion the passenger.  If a windshield is installed improperly the airbag will hit the windshield and blow it out, not cushioning the passengers.  With the windshield gone there is no way to keep the passengers in the vehicle.

How do I know if my Insurance covers Auto Glass?

Auto glass is typically covered under comprehensive coverage.  You should have this if you carry “full coverage” and if you have a deductible that will be out of pocket which you will be responsible for.

Will Superior Glass Inc. handle my Insurance Paperwork?

Superior Glass will do all of the paperwork for your claim!  However, some insurance companies may require you to make a phone call to a glass network and set up your claim.  At Superior Glass Inc. we are happy to assist you in making that call to get the claim set up and your windshield replaced.

What do I do if I work the same hours you are opened?

We are a customer service oriented business and we will help by keeping this replacement at your convenience in every possible way.  We will come to your work and get your car to take to our shop for the replacement.  We will deliver your car to you at your work when finished.  It’s really just that easy!!  If you are coming to our shop for your replacement we will happily drive you to a near by restaurant or store and bring your car to you when finished.  We want you to be able to get things done while getting your vehicle fixed.