If a windshield is not installed properly, it can come out during a collision and lead to serious injury.  Because a windshield is usually bonded into your car with an adhesive you should look for experienced installers that have certifications and instruction from adhesive companies in the use of their products.  Professional auto glass companies take the time to do the job right the first time, so you’ll avoid service problems down the road.

A replaced windshield must comply with any safety standards that were part of the original vehicle design when you car rolled off the assembly line.

What is Quality Installation?


We know that poor quality glass, improper adhesive selection or a hurried replacement process can cause problems such as: air, whistles, water, leaks, rust, distorted vision, heating or cooling discomfort, or loss of vehicle safety features.  To avoid these problems we recommend that you use only certified professionals with the proper credentials to do installation jobs.  Properly done windshield replacement involves a multi-step process and use of sophisticated adhesive systems.

A quality windshield installation usually takes between 30-60 minutes and involves multiple steps.  Superior Glass has technicians that are trained according to national standards set forth in the industry.  You can rest assured that we put every effort into quality because your safety may depend on it.

Safety glass is used in all automobile glass.  It is manufactured to reduce the likelihood of injury, if it breaks.  There are two different types: laminated glass and tempered glass.  Windshields are made from a lamination process.  A windshield actually consists of pieces of glass, bonded together by a vinyl inter-layer.

This vinyl layer cushions your head during impact.  If a windshield breaks during impact, the broken pieces will generally adhere to the plastic lining.

Side and rear windows consist of tempered glass, which is produced by heating the glass to more that 1,100 degrees fahrenheit and then rapidly cooling it.  This result in the outside surfaces of the glass becoming harder than the center of glass, and therefore is stronger than regular glass of the same thickness.  If broken, tempered glass will break-up into very small pieces.