US Aluminum


Since 1960, United States Aluminum has been developing an ever expanding product line that has come to encompass a wide range of architectural aluminum products. The first products developed were storefront systems, soon followed by doors and windows. Thermally improved systems came to the forefront during the energy crisis of the 1970’s, where they have retained a strong presence throughout their evolution to the thermally superior designs of today. During this time period a desire for color from the building community coupled with advancements in application technology allowed United States Aluminum to offer more than the standard clear, bronze and black anodized finishes by adding custom painted colors.

Extreme environmental effects on buildings, both natural and unnatural, have lead to the development of hurricane and blast resistant systems.

Ecological and energy conservation concerns resurfaced in the 1990’s, resulting in the widespread adoption of green building guidelines and processes. In 2006 United States Aluminum launched the Series 3600 sun shade product line intended to block UV radiation while allowing for natural day lighting, both of which are primary LEED considerations.

For over four decades United States Aluminum has developed a reputation for outstanding products, unparalleled service and complete customer satisfaction throughout North America.