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twoimagesDiamond Fusion® Keeping your shower enclosures, countertops, windows, sinks, toilets and other surfaces around your home beautiful usually means spending time and money scrubbing with harsh cleaners. Now you can let Diamond Fusion® put an end to all that back-breaking work as well as the environmental pollution those cleaning solutions can cause.

Diamond Fusion®’s patented technology makes surfaces easier to clean by making them more water and oil repellentl. The less water and oils stick to the surface, the less they can deposit their contents such as hard water stains, soap scum and other waste products they carry onto your surfaces.

Any small amount that may stick to a Diamond Fusion® treated surface can be easliy removed with just clean water and a minimum of effort

A Closer View

Diamond Fusion® offers a brilliant solution in protection and performance!
Step One: A chemical fills in the microscopic ridges
Step Two: This bonding substrate is then capped and sealed
enhancing surface smoothness