Hayfield Windows


Established in 1951, Hayfield Window & Door Company began as a small manufacturer with a product line consisting of aluminum combination windows and storm doors. Hayfield employed 20 people then and the plant and offices were in a 10,000 square foot building.

In 1977, the business was purchased by father and son, Maynard and Dick Rouhoff. Since that time, the business has grown to employ 150 people. They are now located in a new plant (still located in Hayfield, Minnesota) that is over 140,000 square feet. This building also contains Hayfield’s corporate offices.

The distribution area of Hayfield Window and Door Company is continually broadening across the upper Midwest. The small town midwestern work ethic is in full force at the plant and corporate offices of Hayfield Window and Door Company.

A sense of pride is built into each and every window and door that comes out of this plant. Every window and door that has a Hayfield Window label reflects this philosophy. With that pride, comes the highest quality workmanship available in today’s market. Every window and door that has a Hayfield Window label is made from only the highest quality materials available and are backed by a solid warranty.

Hayfield’s business philosophy is built around four key elements: quality, performance, service , and support. With well over half a century of experience, Hayfield Window and Door continues to be an innovator in manufacturing top quality products.

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